Çanakkale, which describes as a Bosphorus city, is located on the Gelibolu peninsula, where at the Aegean - Marmara intersection, defines a geography that has a very unique relationship with history and nature.
The idea of 'Veterans House', a pilot project of The Ministry of Family and Social Services Turkey, can be described as an Accommodation-Social-Rehabilitation facility that is compatible with the disabled, both partially for rehabilitation and accommodation purposes.

Çanakkale Veterans house is located on an area of 1600 m2, on a difficult trapeze terrain directly facing the Çanakkale Bosphorus. While the corner opens wide towards the Bosphorus from both sides, the other two facades lean against neighboring structures.

All housing units lean towards the Bosphorus in the west and south directions, and all remaining support and service units are in the direction towards the other facades. Thus, the settlement on the trapeze shaped land, with the atrium formed inside, it also becomes perceivable from different sides. In the section, the ground floor and the roof are emptied and are reserved for the entrance, lobby, restaurant and event areas. The building, whose plastic is also shaped as a reflection of these plan and section decisions, is almost completed with rough construction on the facade.The facade system, which was established as a reinforced concrete, exhibits a body feature with its decisions in plan and section.

While the white colored coarse-grained, plaster paint and marmara stone, mosaic and palladian flooring are used in the interior, the reinforced concrete system on the exterior is broken by hammering. So the structure can be shaped with the idea of rough structure and a small amount of fine finishing.

The balconies of all rooms, with their fully opening windows, can turn into an outdoor space that joins the Bosphorus. The structure takes shape somewhere between these limits and infinities.

  • LocationÇanakkale
  • Project Type Hospitality
  • Client Çanakkale Governorship
  • Project Year 2017
  • Construction End Date 2020-10-04
  • Construction Area 5737m²
  • Project Status Completed

Project Team:

  • Ömer Selçuk Baz, Architect
  • Firdevs Ermiş, Architect
  • Ece Özdür, Architect
  • Atakan Koca, Architect
  • Pelin Yıldız, Architect
  • Static Project: Aycan Balaban
  • Electrical Project: Kürşat Nazlı
  • Mechanical Project: Mehmet Yılmaz
  • Consultant: Hüseyin Arslan
  • Photographer: Egemen Karakaya
Site plan
concept diagram

ground plan

1-4.floor plan

5.floor plan

roof plan

section 1

section 2



room plan